Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of...

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Check out this big muscle dude: handsome, gorgeous, muscled, great skin (NO TATS!), sensitive and fun... what else could one ask for?

Nothing is running. All it does is run a white circle around and around.

by (1 year ago)
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mark4pec Avatar

I agree. You can't ask for more. Perfection!

by mark4pec (5 years ago)
anpuZA Avatar

What more can I ask for? Well his address for starters, along with his personal details and what kind of food he likes. Also where he goes to party and if he has any drug allergies especially wrt roofies.

by anpuZA (5 years ago)
hardstevenphx Avatar

Damn HUGE ASS legs. Damn I want him.

by hardstevenphx (5 years ago)
jaytano Avatar

Dont' you guys realize that clips DISAPPER when you identify them or the websites they come from?? Enjoy this now while it lasts....

(If you have questions about sources/origins, use the messaging system on this site and just ask!) ~J

by jaytano (5 years ago)
muscleman89 Avatar

He's Brock from

by muscleman89 (5 years ago)
mcgeemcgee Avatar

Huge uncut penis! Rare for a citizen of the United States! Assuming he is from here.

by mcgeemcgee (5 years ago)
RobRossiFan Avatar

sexbombshell for power-bottoming bareback

by RobRossiFan (5 years ago)
framer Avatar

holy shit...great thighs and dick

by framer (5 years ago)
sidroik Avatar

yum, what a hunk of man
he needs to be worshipped
I volunteer ! I volunteer !

by sidroik (5 years ago)