Billy Harrington muscle worship

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  • newrobbie

    3 months ago

    one of my favourite videos. the Beta wrestler is just forced to worship the muscle despite himself. HAIL!

  • musclequest2

    6 years ago

    Love how fast TJ Sloan's cock reacts to Herringtons superior muscle! Exactly the reaction a bodybuilder should always receive!

  • Hellcatedy

    7 years ago

    So jealous J.T. gets to feel Billy's hard muscle bod! What a lucky bastard.

  • onebigguy

    7 years ago

    Really sexy clip. Beautiful body on Billy but the real fun is seeing that erection on the worshiper. Hard and tall and comes up in a minute. But who wouldn't rubbing a body like that.

  • MuscleDave2007

    7 years ago

    What is this clip from? Please post the whole scene!! FUCKING HOT!!

  • framer

    7 years ago

    holy fuck.

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    ...this is what i call real muscle can see it int the guy's cock, it rises so quickly as he really looks at the muscles and touches them. That is what a lot of us feel when we admire muscle men.......mine rises every time......just love this clip, so well done! it sure has an effect!

  • alsk19

    7 years ago

    Billy completely owning his muscle worshiping servant, bow before your god boy

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    Is he in the new movie "Pompeii" as a gladiator??

  • biceptaper

    8 years ago

    This clip has got to be the hottest few minutes of Herrington ever! He has got to be at his absolute biggest and most defined in his entire career. I am sure his flexing and physique has the same immediate effect on all of us watching as the lucky guy who is doing the worshipping!