Jason Adonis Gets Rough and Verbal

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  • realish786

    4 months ago


  • nipman250251

    1 Year ago

    He can fuck me!

  • adrian587

    5 years ago

    I have met him. Here is his Facebook. He sure didn't age well. Roiders never do.


  • PornoStuff1

    5 years ago

    Had JA been this sexually intense during his Falcon days, his career, in general, would have been much bigger.

  • LekRJfile2

    5 years ago

    Its offline =\

  • builthorny

    7 years ago

    too bad Jason lost his roided up size and he never did straight porn. Would love to see his body with a horny chick;

  • ilpaschino

    9 years ago

    It would be much better if they had their pubic hair intact!!!!

  • julesrules

    9 years ago

    This scene could have been so much better...no rimming, no piss, no cum shot in the face...wtf!! lol..lame!!