Vintage Muscle fun

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Hot muscle guy gets sampled and fucked by horny twink

luvmuscl Avatar

Takes me back. I remember him well, but never saw this video. He shows off his scrumptious pits and his pubic hair is equally luxurious. How could the twink resist them? I, for one, could spend a week in each pit and end up hopelessly addicted.

by luvmuscl (5 years ago)
pecsworship Avatar

you had him once. OMG that was must be so freaking hot .i think i would die if i can be with him .to shelgr3

by pecsworship (5 years ago)
lovechest Avatar

love it .......thanks for posting

by lovechest (5 years ago)
shelgr3 Avatar

A blast from the Past! That's Christopher WhatsHisName -- a Greek kid. I had him once. A gorgeous hunk of beef, but totally passive. Very popular in porno back in the 80's. In case you don't know, that's a 1st-generation VCR n top of the TV.

by shelgr3 (5 years ago)
boyd3 Avatar

holy shit! who is the hunk? awesome video. bud

by boyd3 (5 years ago)