Flex Gamble Muscle Worship

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Flex Gamble Muscle Worship

dubbautee Avatar

Ms Flex sort a look like a dark skin Tupac if u squint hard enough, but nonetheless if u wanna see her jump right into the fuckin the white guy up the ass and bypass all of that tired, boring rubbing and caressing start at 13:05.

by dubbautee (1 year ago)
thinkgeek573 Avatar


by thinkgeek573 (2 years ago)

Ms Flex Gamble a bottom who loves getting fucked, which is why he cant keep a hard-on. and he's a definitely boring fuck partner in every video because he's too much of a demanding power bottom who LOVES his ass ate more than anything.

by (3 years ago)
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mjolesko Avatar

Nice beginning but the actual fucking is kind of dull to me. Evidence though that not all black dicks are huge monsters

by mjolesko (7 years ago)
harp2007 Avatar

great video, music fits in nicely also, which is rare.

by harp2007 (7 years ago)
ohyeabro Avatar

love black dick

by ohyeabro (7 years ago)
fp548 Avatar

Beyond hot.

by fp548 (7 years ago)