Derek Atlas The Muscle God

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Derek Atlas is the hottest in the world.

gappythree Avatar

Fantastic fantastic fantastic until 1:08 and FDF shows up and my cock went LIMP!!!!

by gappythree (5 years ago)
ardat Avatar

those boys are all gay....i mean where did their motivation to be a big muscle guy initially come from? because big muscles on other guys got their interest ;) but they can't sort it out in their head and think to get turned on by a guy's body is not right...very sad, they could have so much fun ;)

by ardat (5 years ago)
muscleg Avatar

Frank the Tank is the biggest fucking CLOSET CASE I have ever seen.....come on dude......YOU'RE GAY!

by muscleg (5 years ago)
Flaguy_007 Avatar

About the most incredible guy I've seen on any site....amazing.

by Flaguy_007 (5 years ago)