Mark Dalton Dirty talk

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Really hot video of Mark Dalton dirty talking and then cumming all over himself

builthorny Avatar

I still wanna fuck a chick with him

by builthorny (1 year ago)
natboy76 Avatar

it is like he is playing to an idea that he thinks is hot, that isn't hot.

by natboy76 (5 years ago)
phreddie Avatar

I'm afraid I find Mark's "talkin' dirty" less than persuasive. I'm sure we'd have a better exchange in some hotel suite with a a king-size bed & at least six fluffy pillows. He'd lie on his tummy, one pillow under his head, another atop it, with the other flour piled high under his hips. Then, except for barely audible moans & sighs, he'd be quite silent while my lips & tongue wordlessly did all the taking. (This MD scenario must have been played out many times already, don't you think?)

by phreddie (5 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

Jeff, I agree with you about ALL guys who abuse women. But MD's incarceration history is far more complex than the typical does-time-for-battering tale. Starting with driving infractions, minor drug charges, not-so-minor ones, parole violation, etc., the (murky) charges lodged by a GF (who immediately but unsuccessfully recanted) played a relatively small--however pivotal--part in fucking up his life. Mind you, I admit he's finally to blame for all of it. Even so. . .

by xychromo (5 years ago)
bigjeff Avatar

Mark is hot but I can't look at him the same way after how he beat up his girlfriend and went to prison for it.

by bigjeff (5 years ago)