Little big man

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  • bfdr

    4 months ago

    Gable has a magnificent body!! This is another great old film from Bob Mizer's AMG! Bob has long been "St. Bob" to me!!

  • gappythree

    9 years ago

    Oh Yes!! The posing pouch. I personally cannot see why present day competitions and competitors who wear such skimpy posers do not revert to Ye Olde Posing Pouch. Surely it makes sense....

  • JakeJock

    9 years ago

    You've done us all another huge favor by posting yet another awesome vintage clip. This guy is awesome. And not one-but TWO--posing pouches! Thanks!!

  • englishtim

    9 years ago

    Isn't this just truly amazing?

  • phreddie

    9 years ago

    As we all know, some of these 'compact' types are the ones who are packin' the most.
    But it really wouldn't matter in this case.
    Gabe was a super-handsome, radiantly manly guy.

  • huetemann

    9 years ago

    Loved seeing him in the muscle "mags." Just seeing his name would conjure up anticipation. Thanks!

  • xychromo

    9 years ago

    I should have pointed out that from 03:30 on Gabe shucks the trunks in favor of not just one posing pouch, but two--the second of which looks decidedly "promise-pack'd."