3 bber worship eachother

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  • pecthrob

    11 months ago

    My idea of a perfect Friday night...except for the soft cocks heh

  • RC

    1 Year ago

    Three naked muscled guys all oiled up rubbing each other and flexing. How hot is that? I have wondered why none had boners.

  • Anonymous

    4 years ago

    Still one of the best videos. Just posing bare-assed with your muscle buds!

  • bibearfan

    6 years ago

    Such an erotic fantasy - worshiping a nude bodybuilder while he poses - heaven.

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    one of the best videos

  • renato_bima

    11 years ago

    me encanta el flacooo!!

  • gralla

    11 years ago

    This is on the top of my list too - I dream about this!

  • catlus

    11 years ago

    That was lovely, & they didnt get excited? I couldnt do that.

  • yourstouse

    11 years ago

    on my knees for this one!!

  • Trinka5

    12 years ago

    This has been saved as my favorite. I even had a dream like this last night...HOT!!!