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  • donramonrrr

    8 months ago

    I want to be between those thighs

  • Pixdix

    1 Year ago

    I wish I could be the camera guy telling this guy to take off his top & jeans! That’s a job I would enjoy

  • Dannyboibbrider

    2 years ago

    Micro dick.

  • Anonymous

    9 years ago

    @alexsalvin- He's not the former Power Ranger. He does have a resemblance, but it's not him! Austin St.John was interviewed about this and he assured it wasn't him, going as far as saying he doesn't have the body that this Brock does.

  • johnbf

    9 years ago

    Great body.

  • muscl2

    10 years ago

    a real handsome genuine guy.

  • alexsalvin

    11 years ago

    Oh the former power ranger guy!!! I looove those huge pecs

  • schs1977

    11 years ago

    Great body, Great ass. Love the tan line

  • tigger598

    12 years ago

    I love big muscle guys with small Dicks. I would suck him dry

  • glorious9er

    12 years ago

    Fantastic sweep of thighs Great pecs, too !!!