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I love Brock, he is perfect in my eyes, I want those pecs in my mouth so bad!

@alexsalvin- He's not the former Power Ranger. He does have a resemblance, but it's not him! Austin St.John was interviewed about this and he assured it wasn't him, going as far as saying he doesn't have the body that this Brock does.

by (3 years ago)
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johnbf Avatar

Great body.

by johnbf (3 years ago)
muscl2 Avatar

a real handsome genuine guy.

by muscl2 (4 years ago)
alexsalvin Avatar

Oh the former power ranger guy!!! I looove those huge pecs

by alexsalvin (4 years ago)
schs1977 Avatar

Great body, Great ass. Love the tan line

by schs1977 (4 years ago)
tigger598 Avatar

I love big muscle guys with small Dicks. I would suck him dry

by tigger598 (5 years ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Fantastic sweep of thighs Great pecs, too !!!

by glorious9er (6 years ago)
devolver Avatar

Uh, why does the interviewer think he doesn't have a hard time meeting women? The fact that a lot of straight guys would even get a boner looking at this guy might have something to do with it...

by devolver (7 years ago)

I agree he IS perfect. I would love to get ahold of those beautiful pecs, have those massive thighs wrapped my head and buried in that perfect bubble muscle butt.

by (8 years ago)
LAMuscleMassage Avatar

Must be str8, his ass is soft!!

by LAMuscleMassage (8 years ago)