Future Sensation? Donte Franklin

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  • dllovemuscles

    8 months ago

    He is bigger today. He looks really good. He should do more shows.

  • Anonymous

    5 years ago


  • man4muscles27

    7 years ago


  • tim120

    7 years ago

    Nice pec bounce, he's got all of the stuff that makes a champ and a stud.

  • Musclejacker

    7 years ago

    He's ready for all cummers. Heh.

  • Wrestlingfan

    7 years ago

    WOW!!!! And: WOOOOOW!

  • gappythree

    7 years ago

    Too FUCKING right jaytano, if only that idiot of an interviewer had left it to Dante I could have jumped inito his "inferno" at the drop of a hat or a pec!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • prettythugbruh

    7 years ago

    http://www.youtube repeater.com/watch?v=w6liBdcmnGM

  • mjolesko

    7 years ago

    Big chest from the front view. I always like a side view to see how much overhang there is. It's an odd physique. And he's right: he needs a lot of leg work to bring his lower body in line with his upper body development.

  • poshi

    7 years ago

    Holy pecs, Batman!