David Paterik workout at Venice Muscle Beach

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This was very intriguing to me because the camera guy seems really into this and there's a couple of other things I'm like to note: 1) The camera guy seemed really smitten by David and the other random guy in the black gym shorts, and 2) Toward the end David seemed to start sporting a boner:)

tony4650 Avatar

where can I find his jerk off videos?

by tony4650 (3 years ago)
kaikaikai64 Avatar

i have seen his jerking off session but never seen him shooting load. anyone has such a clip?

by kaikaikai64 (5 years ago)
framer Avatar

amazing body and great looks, wow

by framer (5 years ago)
jerzy Avatar

DP has been on LiveMuscleShow. There have been two clips uploaded. Anymore to share?

by jerzy (5 years ago)
goldsgym Avatar

I'm pretty sure the camera guy is Dave Bourlet who owns the Madmax blog on MD online.

by goldsgym (5 years ago)
Pexlover Avatar

Dream tits

by Pexlover (5 years ago)