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Jake shaking his ass in tight spandex, feeling his body and licking his bulging bicep

imagine how small his dick is fact. its really small thats why he rarely shows it off

by (3 years ago)
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akos Avatar

hi i like you hardcore BICEPS

by akos (3 years ago)
franknash Avatar

That what I like to see.

by franknash (5 years ago)
bigjeff Avatar

I haven't seen anything new from him in a few years. Is he still around? His website has been down for a very long time. I often wonder if these guys that disappear are in jail, dead or found religion.

by bigjeff (5 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

Does McLennen compete? I'm assuming no, imagining he'd get dissed & dismissed for all this deftly targeted shmoemanship. (But as a practicing shmoe, I must say I enjoy watching a primo butt like his stretching spandex to the max.)

by xychromo (5 years ago)
natboy76 Avatar

new jake always appreciated, thanks poster

by natboy76 (5 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Mr McLennen certainly knows how to make his admirers (and pervers) get a hard on.

by gappythree (5 years ago)