Tim Budesheim

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Young bodybuilder Tim Budesheim poses on stage. What do you think about this guy?

levi2014 Avatar


by levi2014 (4 years ago)
iwms49 Avatar

cute & hunky!

by iwms49 (4 years ago)
southmanfred Avatar

I think he is incredibly handsome. I can't believe he used to work in a coal mine before starting his career in bodybuilding.

by southmanfred (4 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

What do I think about this guy southmanfred? absolutely fucking magnificent. I want to see a lot more of this man......

by gappythree (4 years ago)
Dusty Avatar

I agree with huetemann: magnificently beautiful. I could get into physique competitions a little more if the guys wore shorts like these. But this guy? He should only be allowed to wear the skimpiest of posing suits, 24/7!

by Dusty (4 years ago)
tim120 Avatar

Stunning cums to mind

by tim120 (4 years ago)
huetemann Avatar

He is magnificently beautiful.

by huetemann (4 years ago)