bodybuilder muscle hunk Chris Duffy (2006)

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aka Bull Stanton

gremlin8 Avatar

Well, it was to get far worse !!!

by gremlin8 (11 months ago)
voy4u Avatar

The tats are a distraction. The rest of his body is fucking hot. I think he is one beautiful man...minus the body art. He could use some nipple and cock jewelry. Just sayin'.

by voy4u (2 years ago)

Those tattoos! Did he use a crayon?

by (2 years ago)
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banquotex Avatar

he can do no wrong for me! looooove

by banquotex (5 years ago)

looks like he gets NASTY :)

by WOWTHATSBIG (5 years ago)
bigjeff Avatar

I used to think Chris was so impressive in the 80s and 90s when he was pro. Once he got into porn his true colors and personality was revealed and I never liked him again. It's like night and day.

by bigjeff (5 years ago)
josephviv101 Avatar

Agree with Chief09 Way too much ink...Spoiles everything

by josephviv101 (5 years ago)
Musclejacker Avatar

He resembles Ms Olympia, Penis Kyle.

by Musclejacker (5 years ago)
chief09 Avatar

Hot when younger and hot older...what a daddy...just the tats for me, doesn't do much

by chief09 (5 years ago)