Samson Williams

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  • redgeinjax

    4 years ago

    He works out hard, this body is obtainable without steroids, stop giving steroids credit for everyone who has the least bit of a nice physique. Work a little instead of sitting on your fat asses and you can accomplish something worthwhile also.

  • hungry4muscle

    7 years ago


  • iwms49

    7 years ago

    just another hot & handsome guy, is all!

  • Maleka1

    7 years ago

    What a perfectly proportioned physique.

  • seannx

    7 years ago

    look at this hunk that body need to be lick n worship all over


    7 years ago

    FUCK, love to suck that dick while feeling you up and eating your ass

  • bigjeff

    7 years ago

    Is Samson injecting Synethol in his arms now?