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  • gremlin8

    6 years ago

    I guess as he is starting to wank on top of the thing, this is meant to be erotic rather than instructional. It fails on both counts. The bouncy electro-pop makes it even worse. As for the bidet - well, it can be a good way of keeping the Champagne cool.

  • schs1977

    10 years ago

    @phreddie - What an ass you are! Don't know cave you may have grown up in, but most American's do know what a bidet is. But they are very uncommon in the US.

  • phreddie

    10 years ago

    Whether from prudery (or because they were long condemned as birth control devices), bidets are still rare in the USA. Amazingly, many otherwise sophisticated Americans, finding one in hotel bathrooms abroad, imagine it's for soaking their feet or hand-washing delicate undies! Yet gay guys in particular should welcome it as the best way to maintain intimate personal hygiene, and Americans in general ought to use it instead of the obsessive showering so common in the States.