Tony 13

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Full video available at: Everybody's favorite egomaniac is back! Yes, the incredibly cocky and ridiculously hot Tony has returned to blow you away once again! Not only is Tony looking bigger than ever, but he's also looking more muscular, more ripped and more solid than ever too! Those big muscles and phenomenal physique look as if they were carved out of stone, which Tony himself acknowledges in his fantastic new video for The Muscle Corps! Your favorite Muscle God kicks off his latest muscle showcase by doing a bit of flexing for you in a t shirt as he explains to you how people are always staring at him in the gym because his arms are so big and his body is so amazing! Soon, the shirt comes off and Tony is left wearing a tank top, which allows him to better show off those big muscles of his! Tony then decides that he is too hot to be showing off for free, so he greedily holds an online auction to make his admirers pay him big money for the privilege of watching him flex and pose! Your jaw will drop when Tony removes his top to reveal that spectacular upper body of his! Luckily, there's much more cocky flexing and posing that follows as Tony's muscle auction continues! If you're one of Tony's many fans, then this is one video that you will not want to miss!

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