muscle dad dominates muscle lad (Trenton Ducati and Armond Rizzo aka Joey Rodriguez)

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  • PlyaThyme

    5 months ago

    Too bad Trenton is racist

  • bikerdad69

    2 years ago


  • gerefan

    5 years ago

    little lad couldn't get hard

  • nipman2

    5 years ago

    Trenton is a STUD! HOT body, hot cock!

  • MuscleDave2007

    5 years ago

    Love the kid getting gutted within an inch of his life. Powerful shit !

  • kingpig2011

    6 years ago


  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    A curved cock is the only type of cock I take. That extra bend is awesome!!!

  • migvamp

    7 years ago

    Two REAL MEN doing what comes natural.

  • mjolesko

    7 years ago

    Looks good. Wish I could get some of that dick for myself.

  • Caldonia

    7 years ago

    Awesome tongue fucking on that lucky boy.