Daniel Toth Evolution From Sapling to Oak Part 2of2

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Lovers of ballooning pecs and juicy nipples, stick around. Mr Toth started lifting as many do just a small slip of a guy at the age of sixteen. Eight years on we start this journey tracking his evolution to world class champion. In 2002 Danny took first place in the heavyweight division of the IFBB World Amateurs. He won first place overall at both the 2009 NAC Universe and 2010 WBPF World Championships. Danny is a perennial favourite at the FIBO show in Germany. And a busy competition favourite as well: four contests in 2013, two of which he placed in the top six.

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I loved that pale off season body just a little way in.

by gremlin8 (2 years ago)


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Yikes he's gotte huge.... hot! Thanks, Tink...!

by jaytano (4 years ago)