sex dream (Ty Fox and Tom Katt)

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    1 Year ago

    Tom Katt was born on January 21, 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as David Papaleo. He's an Aquarian with a 7-inch cut cock who tops and bottoms. He stands about 5ft 7ins tall. He made his debut in gay porn in the early 1990s and was still making movies 10 years later while also working as a personal trainer. In 2006, he appeared on Atlanta-based Christian TV and renounced the adult video world, said he was straight and had married. He also said he wanted to study at a seminary.

  • bbmusclepig

    2 years ago

    definitely miss old school bodybuilder porn, where are the roided beasts?

  • bibearfan

    7 years ago

    Ty Fox was a gym teacher in northern Virginia until they were told about his gay porn career on the side. Can you imagine being in his gym class and knowing? I would take so many showers after school with him!

  • tysonrockman

    9 years ago

    i did not know this before

  • JakeJock

    9 years ago

    Hot video clip of these two musclemen battling to see who gets to bottom. Thanks for posting. I've posted the same clip as Ty Foxx V. Ty is hot enough to have two posts of the same clip, MUSCLE!!