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There's someone who has all of Jake's videos from his old websites, but they won't upload them until they have this video: http://www.tr3s.com/shows/the-ricardo-laguna-project/episodes/the-ricardo-laguna-project-episode-106-the-chippendale/video/ricardo-laguna-project-06-1-762018/ http://www.tr3s.com/shows/the-ricardo-laguna-project/episodes/the-ricardo-laguna-project-episode-106-the-chippendale/video/ricardo-laguna-project-06-1-762018/ http://www.tr3s.com/shows/the-ricardo-laguna-project/episodes/the-ricardo-laguna-project-episode-106-the-chippendale/video/ricardo-laguna-project-06-3-762020/ so if someone can download this videos from the website it would be most appreciated to everyone on this site to see more Jake Mclennen video

They call you "juicy" because you are on the "juice" - steroids. I wouldn't take that as a very flattering nickname.

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I can download whole video.

by john1248 (4 years ago)