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You asked for more! So I'm giving you more! Here is another clip I've obtained of the studly, Tony Russo. In my opinion, this clip isn't as great as the first vid I posted of him, but if you're a true Russo fan, it shouldn't matter. In this clip Tony starts a group chat for a shower show, I don't have the entire show, it ends right before he takes the shower :(

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This bro is hott af. TRusso is my new dude. Like to see lot more

by socalmuscledawg (6 months ago)

This video is fked up

by (3 years ago)
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add me please, your biggest, biggest fan has arrived.........jake, add me big man, PLEASE

by famoustim (4 years ago)
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by thomascarmichael2 (4 years ago)
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I know right :) btw Thanks for the comment, feedback is always very much appreciated

by itisme (4 years ago)
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by huetemann (4 years ago)