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  • I have some vids

    4 years ago

    Hey I do have a couple Skype vids I got from him. And you can still catch him online on Skype sometimes! e-mail me... maybe we can exchange some

  • MuscleDave2007

    6 years ago

    Few more poses and the jock will be in shreds !

  • 7 years ago

    King DeLuXe.... yummy

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    he doesnt do nudes. i have seen him show ass and very revealing bulge. Once again guys if you have any of his deleted vids from invulnerabledr, thcmuscle, kingdarryn facebook please contact me or upload. please please.

  • thickirish

    7 years ago

    has anyone ever actually seen him nude?

  • toohot85

    7 years ago

    lets work together to make sure vids like this never disappear from the internet. My motto is if you watch it and its hot download and store it somewhere so that when it is removed from youtube,, xtube etc your not left stranded.