Military Musclemen in Jail Cell Raunch

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Ignore the idiotic stereotypical Italian, and concentrate instead on the two hot Americans--one Army, the other Navy--who are thrown into jail together. This video kicks off with a bodybuilder soldier grunting on the toilet while his muscular cellmate licks his lips--and it stays just as raunchy right to the end. Some awesome tats and thick metal cock rings help the overall sleaziness of these two muscle pigs. This is hot, dirty, raunchy muscleman sex at its best.

omega17 Avatar

The filthy hot muscle bottom is one great cock taker.Love how he's ass up face down on the cot with his butt spread wide open.He's vocal,sweaty,handsome with a hot ass and body.I've seen him in a few other clips..all muscle and ALL BB and he's off his face on T&G..and he loves it..just as much as I do.

by omega17 (2 years ago)
JockWalt Avatar

Good Advice, JakeJock ... enjoy what's hot, ignore what's not.

by JockWalt (4 years ago)