Golden boy is back!

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  • PerthMuscle

    5 years ago

    Would love to tap his pretty ass

  • timelessmuscle99

    6 years ago

    MMmmm. Sit on my face !!!

  • nipman2

    7 years ago

    Love his body! HOT ass chest and nipples. And love the way he teases his meaty cock.

  • androparadeigma

    8 years ago

    Than you for sharing!

  • xychromo

    8 years ago

    Courage, phreddie! It's just a phase. Anyway, since you clearly long to express your passion for him in a highly extravagant way, why not buy him that cellphone he wants via Amazon? It's the iPhone-4 S in white.

  • soulpecs

    8 years ago

    Phenomenal! Super HOT! Not surprised that we can get hooked on him. He certainly knows how to work it. Love it. Thanks for sharing more of frei77

  • phreddie

    8 years ago

    I've decided I just can't watch him anymore. It's getting scary. I'm starting to have yearnings that border on the cannibalistic. (I mean like Dr. Lecter....) My infatuation has made me sick.

  • ruxpini

    8 years ago

    those tits are somethin else

  • framer

    8 years ago

    this dude's body really speaks to

  • phreddie

    8 years ago

    The naughty boy didn't appear as scheduled for his good-night show! God knows whose bed he ended up in! I'm sure he has plenty of invitations to choose from, but I was SO looking forward to tucking him in, gently murmuring, "Jó éjszakát, szép álmokat!" as I lay my last 30 tokens atop the overflowing treasure chest, then stealing soundlessly from his room.