Zeb gives the orders

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  • Celtique

    7 months ago

    My Heroes

  • Chupeta

    3 years ago


  • Bigclit32

    3 years ago

    Oh fuck yeah


    6 months ago

    Your profile pic is gross

  • 17365303335

    3 years ago

    fuck me

  • mrmicrowaveoven

    8 years ago

    To people saying that this is the first time Zeb enjoys himself with a guy: Check out him and Adam Killian. Theres Perfect Hiking Partner and another one in the shower. Id say Adam definitely gives Zeb the best rimjob hes ever gotten in his life.

  • phreddie

    9 years ago

    Without warning, they have disallowed downloading completely--even to paying and uploading members.

  • bloktut

    10 years ago

    Thanks for posting this. And I, too, would love to see Zeb against Christian Power whom I also like. If this were to happen, Zeb would be the first man not to disappear behind the massive Christian as he fucks the guy. This is to say I disagree with mjolesko.

  • mjolesko

    10 years ago

    Look at Zeb's big titties under that t-shirt. A clip between Zeb and Christian Power would never happen. For one thing, I foresee ZEE-RO chemistry between them two. For another, Power is still a competitive bodybuilder. Zeb has kept himself in shape, but Zeb would pale besides Power's massiveness

  • bibearfan

    10 years ago

    Thanks for uploading this - love the military muscle.

  • ardat

    10 years ago

    not much chemistry between the guys, but this is the first porn i've seen where i think zeb actually enjoys himself with a guy - he's into muscle bears ;)