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shelgr3 Avatar

I love his body, especially those pecs. But all that fake theatrical mugging is really annoying. He should wear a bag over his head. And he needs a big brute to manhandle that body & show him what real sex is all about.

by shelgr3 (1 year ago)

I don't care if we lived in the Artic....but that stud would be banned from ever wearing a shirt around me....I would make it a law

by (2 years ago)
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oliver_sv Avatar

Danil Brusnitsin Skywalker00

by oliver_sv (3 years ago)
soybeanslave Avatar


by soybeanslave (3 years ago)
Tsalagi1 Avatar

I would love to be his squeeze toy!

by Tsalagi1 (4 years ago)