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  • Anonymous

    8 years ago

    Ok I get it. The guy in blue is a Democrat, and the guy in red is a Republican. The Dem is bisexual, while the Rep is 100% straight. The Dem is a very sensual man. He likes to slow it down, in this fast pace world of email, text messages, and now. What I really liked seeing is the Dem's bulge goes from soft to hard in his thong; it says a lot about what the guy is really feeling emotionally. But this Rep, he's just wondering how his wife is going to embarrass him.


    2 years ago

    Can this site be one place that is free of politics!

  • gremlin8

    8 years ago

    I loved the walk around the pool

  • disco94

    8 years ago

    Love these guys butts!!!

  • schs1977

    8 years ago

    Love how Rogers big cock is busting out of the pouch of his thong. BTW - the other guy is Peter Latz not Vin Marco.

  • JakeJock

    8 years ago

    Nobody out there really understands how sexy bodybuilder gear can be like these two: Roger and Vin Marco! Hot! Thanks for posting!


    8 years ago


  • averageguy40

    8 years ago

    I want these 2 to come hang out at my pool. Nice physiques!