Johnnie Jackson in Bed

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  • Anonymous

    3 years ago

    The last 20 seconds are a pec lovers dream. If I could grip and pound on his bubble chest, I wouldn't need anything else in the world.

  • Rasputin

    5 years ago

    Don't you just feel like yanking his arms and tying his wrists behind his ass?! Maybe hogtie him too. Imagine the hours of fun you can have with this muscle mammoth helpless and at your mercy!

  • Anonymous

    5 years ago

    If you stop vid at 2:46 you will get a very brief view of his dick head. Don't blink you will miss it.

  • akos

    5 years ago

    come to

  • jmoore919

    6 years ago

    Agreed. OMG I would pay to see him shoot a load!!!

  • sexymuscle

    6 years ago

    Why he didn't show his manhood? You're a man don't be shy..enjoying sharing the beauty of your body! At least the camera should be focus behind him to show us his balls... Damn