Alberto Machado

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  • trojanboy

    2 years ago

    The kind of physique I like. Drooling .


    9 years ago

    A muscular HUNK!!

  • zhiingoosii

    9 years ago

    I'm kind of torn. He is beautiful, but having Richard Marx as background music is kind of....a turnoff lol. Better to play this on mute.

  • jbfisher

    10 years ago

    Thanks for posting the clip of this totally gorgeous man. Absolute Perfection.

  • LAMuscleMassage

    11 years ago

    Alberto needs to loose more bodyfat before posing on stage again

  • luvmann58

    11 years ago

    This man didn't seem to get much reaction from the audience. Personally, I would have been drooling!! Very beautiful man, and a sexy posing strap, too.