Muscle Bear Daddy Wrestling

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  • bgredhd

    6 days ago

    It's a Disney flick, if they don't lose the shorts.

  • BearMuscles

    6 months ago

    sure would love to fuck that hot little ref!

  • biceptaper

    7 months ago

    Bo Dixon looks great as a youngster here, but I can't help but wonder if Jim Fury is in any shape to compete with the current shape that Bo Dixon/ Thom Austin is in these days. He looks bigger and better than he did even at his bodybuilding peak. Austin has got to be the Ultimate Daddy.

  • empel

    7 months ago

    they are both extremely hot. would love to see them fuck

  • Tophoid

    8 months ago

    Fckn demolish that stud, yeahhh!

  • elevenmm

    2 years ago

    OMG young bo dixon!

  • jbfisher

    5 years ago

    Two gorgeous, butch hunks. Imagine having to decide between these two he-men? What a pair of muscle-studs! Great post.

  • bigtony1

    6 years ago

    Both are hot but Jim just does it for me. Woof!

  • huetemann

    6 years ago

    Whoa, Tommy Gunnz is so hot.