Rear-end reverie

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  • mjolesko

    1 Year ago

    An oldie but a goodie. The definition of bubble butt. I bet it still juicy and bouncy after all these years.

  • ChillJock1992

    2 years ago

    The amount of times I've jacked to this guys ass but yet still don't know his name.

  • Anonymous

    8 years ago

    Thanks for the loop! I have masturbated to this clip on many occasion!

  • haico81

    9 years ago

    thanks!! yeah thats a famous ass, even if we dont know who it is, Ive jerked to this huge ass many times, I love an ass like this to sit on my face and suffocate me

  • xychromo

    9 years ago

    Many thanks, apja! With all the ass-worship that keeps this site humming day after day, I'm surprised that this guy isn't more famous. (BTW, I should have put Tim Terwilliger on that list. He's got one hot ass, but there's hardly anything around--pix or video--where he really shows it off.)

  • apja

    9 years ago

  • apja

    9 years ago

    Buttzillany from ifriends....

  • maddick21

    9 years ago

    that is a world class ass....fucking amazing bubble....who is he? and can I eat your ass?

  • ancaeus

    9 years ago

    The Greeks had a word for it--two words, actually, that combined to make the English adjectives, "callipygian" and callipygous"--used specifically to describe a beautiful butt. (Prudish Anglo-Saxons are often shocked to learn such candid words exist. But they most certainly apply here!)