Big iana - Perfection

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All respect and admiration to the huge, massive, big bodybuilder! Here's Yummi cosmin: pure perfection..

tonedom1 Avatar

He is so played out.

by tonedom1 (4 years ago)
a1locjaw Avatar

love the attention he gives to his dick, too...

by a1locjaw (6 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Yummi is very YUMMY. How i would love to feed on those magnificent pecs and nips.

by gappythree (7 years ago)
apeman Avatar

cant get enough of this delicious meaty stud

by apeman (8 years ago)

Damn, I need to move back to LA since Iana is there!!! I used to hang around the pit at Venice Beach all day. Man I wanna worship his big muscles!!! He's become an obsession.

by (8 years ago)
yortamn Avatar

This is one huge guy!

by yortamn (8 years ago)
bigpevlvr Avatar

awesome looking guy. knows how to tease and tempt an audience. love his meaty pecs

by bigpevlvr (8 years ago)
robk6 Avatar

One of my favorite BB. Great video in flexing muscles and displaying his beautiful manhood!

by robk6 (8 years ago)
johng3 Avatar

excellent clip~ thankyou

by johng3 (8 years ago)