Muscle Show: BIG Finale

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  • 1rc1

    2 years ago

    i've seen many Jimmy Z productions and it is always a treat to be at one that goes full frontal nude and even better when the guys do honest full erections and occasionally cum shots without cock rings to keep themselves hard. Losing Jimmy's shows is truly sad, There were lots of great porn delights-- except on those that got recorded for the future.

  • Dannyboibbrider

    2 years ago

    Take a viagra next time and bring in better tips.

  • Luvbutts

    3 years ago

    I've been watching these vids for many years and without fail there is always someone there with a high pitched squeal.. it's so funny..

  • mim

    3 years ago

    So sad that JimmyZ is not with us any more. He brought us the hottest muscle worship content of all.

  • voy4u

    4 years ago

    Kudos to Rod and TJ for stripping naked and letting the salivating audience fondle their cocks. Hey, why not?

  • Moselle_muscle

    7 years ago


  • j

    8 years ago

    why is this tagged with 'cum'?


    2 years ago

    lol-- the cum is in the viewers who get to see all the lost stage cock shows!

  • gremlin8

    8 years ago

    I know it is just the positioning in the initial freeze frame, but something just reminded me of The Andrews Sisters !

  • Anonymous

    8 years ago


  • Musclejacker

    8 years ago

    This is disgusting