Muscle Show: BIG Finale

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  • Dannyboibbrider

    10 months ago

    Take a viagra next time and bring in better tips.

  • Luvbutts

    1 Year ago

    I've been watching these vids for many years and without fail there is always someone there with a high pitched squeal.. it's so funny..

  • mim

    2 years ago

    So sad that JimmyZ is not with us any more. He brought us the hottest muscle worship content of all.

  • voy4u

    2 years ago

    Kudos to Rod and TJ for stripping naked and letting the salivating audience fondle their cocks. Hey, why not?

  • Moselle_muscle

    6 years ago


  • j

    6 years ago

    why is this tagged with 'cum'?

  • gremlin8

    7 years ago

    I know it is just the positioning in the initial freeze frame, but something just reminded me of The Andrews Sisters !

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago


  • Musclejacker

    7 years ago

    This is disgusting