Classic Tom Lord

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Old school video of legendary Tom Lord, back when he still had one of the biggest natural dicks around. This vid called Home From the Gym sees the super stud muscle daddy doing some lengthy flexing with a bit of muscle worship from an admirer. And of course he eventually unleashes that one of a kind tool from his strained underwear to play around with.

rubbvigo Avatar

Love, worshiper

by rubbvigo (4 years ago)
soupasivo402 Avatar

lo ├║nico que me gust├│ fue su verga

by soupasivo402 (5 years ago)
josephviv101 Avatar

He sure looks good .. Reminds me of GSP but a little more bulk

by josephviv101 (5 years ago)
muscleman63 Avatar

He looks really good here.

by muscleman63 (5 years ago)

no download availability?

by (5 years ago)
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rajtennis Avatar

Thi has to be more than 15 tears a go. He looked really good here.

by rajtennis (5 years ago)