Deep Hard Oily Sports Massage

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I just received a hot, deep sports massage. I love all types of massage, as it’s just a way of saying THANK you – for my glorious physique ;) He worked on me, deep. And the end result is me, flexible, free + sexually excited. The feel of deep pressure pushing my lactic acid out of my chest push by push. He made my muscles feel so… relaxed. I want to get bigger, better + more shredded with every day that passes, and as an experienced gym goer I know that is not possible without regular deep MUSCLE MASSAGE. When I demonstrate the power that I am left with after being so flexible, your mouth will be left WIDE OPEN. One area I never let him touch, but I’d let you massage. My DEEP Muscular V, my hips, my groin – whatever you want to call it is so pronounced on my body.. The muscle along my hips allow my lizard hips to move… As I start to press my lower abs, my cock stands to attention already warmed up from having my muscles rubbed hard and DEEP. As I start to think about the sexy christmas santa that i’ve got as a present for you, my cock gets even harder. You can tell I’m enjoying this so much, stood in front of you with my juicy dangling fat cock screaming out for you.. You have to stay tuned, i’m going to rock your world ;) Joshua Armstrong Muscular Fetish Video

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