Not Your Average Nerd

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Hidden behind my glasses, my jacket & my clothes. Bystanders, peers can just pass me by (always with a little second look to see if they actually saw it right) A huge muscle god hidden behind the glasses & Jacket? No it can’t be? As soon as my jacket comes off, the power of my pecs begin to become apparent. My pec’s are by far my largest most dominant muscle. If there is EVER a situation where I need to take control. Take ownership, I can just let my god like pecs do it for me. I find myself in the situation where you realise I am not your average nerd.. And I fucking love the attention when I go from geek to HULK! As I strip down to my tiny leather thong, I oil up with not only one type of oil but two. I glisten by biceps, glisten my pecs & abs and demand worship for the god like creation in front of you… Your reward? I look into your eye, speak softly, loudly into your ears that my pecs DEMAND your cum. I don’t give up till my big, beautiful BOLD pecs are covered in your hot inferior cum

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