Locker Room Muscle Daddy

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  • leogreg

    4 months ago

    I wish to have him in my bed. He makes my cock so very hard. I would enjoy having a very hot frottage with him.

  • Andy2607

    1 Year ago

    fuk yes

  • MatCZ

    2 years ago

    Awesome physique! Congrats!

  • boisebod

    2 years ago

    Now if he was just wearing posing trunks instead of baggy sweat pants.

  • chucksteak

    2 years ago

    That could be David Paterik. I'm not absolutely sure though.

  • big14muscle

    3 years ago

    Anyone ID this muscle stud?

  • Anonymous

    4 years ago

    isnt that dave paterick

  • soulpecs

    4 years ago

    OMG! Such phenomenal muscle density, definition and symmetry. I so agree with biceptaper. He should definitely be competing. And I would dig to see him in posers and on stage.. and possibly.. more.. ;) The muscle daddy of my dreams. SO HOT!
    Who is he??? Any chance of more of him, please???

  • biceptaper

    4 years ago

    This man is Muscle Perfection. He should be on the contest platform dominating ery competitor who dares to even try to compete with him. He is huge, superbly defined and vascular. Nobody can touch him!

  • Anonymous

    4 years ago

    hey hes a personal friend of mine