Roman as a teenangel

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  • blond-for-alpha

    3 years ago

    Could be my older brother in a way.

  • mayena

    5 years ago

    'Androkid' aka Timothy R. DiPaola, 1978-2003.

  • Anonymous

    5 years ago

    A longtime muscle maven pointed out to me RV's resemblance to the late, great 'Androkid'--a beloved & much-mourned bb & working boy from Rhode Island who died in February, 2003--at 24--RV's current age. With regard to facial features (charmingly simian) complexion (blue/blue-eyed), height, musculature (particularly the quads), the two are, in fact, quite alike. Androkid even did extensive semi-amateur posing sessions (mostly stills), wearing his skivvies!