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  • gappythree

    10 years ago

    Great British Beef. I love him to bits

  • muzzles

    10 years ago

    hot,hot hot, love him with shaved head and that sexy roid gut...massive

  • gremlin8

    10 years ago

    Daz Ball is one of my favourites, but I have never seen him this heavy. I love the look. Thanks, beefymuscle, I really enjoyed this.

  • Victor1985

    10 years ago

    I like his powerful stomach, big but muscled! Many people would say they more prefer ideally flat stomach, but this is more masculine, if you ask me.

  • mayena

    10 years ago

    Daz Ball the English bodybuilder.

  • 10 years ago

    Love the big roid guys. I think he needs to get a little more size on his arms/biceps to match his physique. Abolutely fucking amazing traps. In all his back poses, those massive traps drop doan his back and then swing out wide from his spine. Truly the best traps I think I have ever seen. Complimentary thickness throughout the rest of his back. Usually the big fucks have some kind of fucked up face, but Daz here is attractive with a pleasing smile. His performance is cool too!

  • g_guy7

    10 years ago

    absolut muscles!!!