Zeb & Giovanni

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  • itisnotgood

    12 months ago


  • 1008786192

    2 years ago


  • furrypaco

    8 years ago

    No chemistry at all

  • Tallmuscle25

    9 years ago

    Hot video:)

  • blackbokuto

    9 years ago

    its official short haired guys are hotter, long haired guys just looks full of themselves

  • maxbeller3

    9 years ago

    The long hair is really a turn off, hotter if the other guy had short, blond hair. :(

  • devolver

    9 years ago

    @.muscle Zeb 100% for me. Giovanni reminds me of Fabi and that kinda kills it for me with him, lol.

  • .muscle

    10 years ago

    Who you prefer: Giovanni or Zeb?
    I prefer Giovanni

  • ricknsi2000

    10 years ago

    Could two men be LESS into each other!

  • seannx

    10 years ago

    woh....so hot shower