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  • davidgantt

    4 months ago

    Connor is sexy AF!!

  • Lossa

    4 months ago

    How old have Connor in this video ?

  • mim

    4 years ago

    I love size differnces. When those skinyi guys worpship my muscles and later mostly fail to take my huge cock is what me turns on a lot.

  • hns112

    5 years ago

    The size difference is the whole point of the video. It's what makes it so hot!

  • 987654

    5 years ago

    Some people enjoy it when it's obviously a mismatch. ?

  • Whatever

    5 years ago

    Pick on someone your own size, Connor. I mean, a starving Ethiopian would look like Mr Universe compared to that guy...

  • mayena

    5 years ago

    Connor Rudelhoff.