nice shave

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same motorcycle dude teases and shaves body hair

chuckdavey Avatar

Wonder if he shaves his crotch and balls as well.

by chuckdavey (2 months ago)
trojanboy Avatar

This is Xavier Muscle.

by trojanboy (8 months ago)

He's just perfect!! With or without hair; and gorgeous beard. Anyone knows his name?

by (9 months ago)
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I love shaved BBs--- more muscle to see,feel &,lick.! A hairy body no matter how hot just don't cut it for me.

by (9 months ago)
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rubbvigo Avatar


by rubbvigo (9 months ago)
schs1977 Avatar

I am a top, but he can ride my ass anytime

by schs1977 (9 months ago)
epson Avatar

No, oh, don't shave anywhere! Me likey the fur!

by epson (9 months ago)