Rico Lopez Gomez and his enormous bulge

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  • Storm00

    2 months ago

    I bet he's been offered 1000's for a nude shots

  • mjolesko

    5 months ago

    I bet he got an elephant's dick.

  • PerthMuscle2021

    8 months ago

    Not sure what's going on with the enormous bulge in his posers thing, but he is ripped.

  • schs1977

    1 Year ago

    Ripped body, great ass and obviously well hung

  • RC

    2 years ago

    That bulge seems to get bigger the harder he poses. I bet he takes long showers to show off that cock.

  • SteadfastXXL

    2 years ago

    Love, that Rico also needs custom-made posers to hold his enormous meat.

  • dllovemuscles

    2 years ago

    The haters are hating on him. Don't get mad at him because he got a big dick and you don't. LOL


    2 years ago

    Exactly. You are totally right. Guys are always envy on the super sized alpha sutds.

  • RC

    2 years ago

    YouTube has clips of him in competition. The bulge is awesome on stage during his posing routine.

  • Brad_Pitt2

    3 years ago

    just shot a massive load jerking off to this vid......

  • blond-for-alpha

    4 years ago

    I want him to do some bulge compare with you. and later some cock compare under the shower.