Mikhail is too hot

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Hot Fit Casting muscle boy poses in g-string

d_buzzkill Avatar

He's a breeder. Don't think his girl would like that. FYI He also did some bondage stuff on ruscapturedboys.com. He competed in 2017 and when they found out about his "activities" the Russians took back his trophy. Find the videos while you can because I don't think your going to see all of him again.

by d_buzzkill (2 months ago)
jpatron98 Avatar

I would like to worship that body and then fuck him hard !

by jpatron98 (6 months ago)
Fitography Avatar

hot , all body builders should compete in this poser

by Fitography (9 months ago)

He is also on TheBestFlex

by (9 months ago)
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Great body and that posing pouch is so skimpy and hot. I'd like to get one myself.

by (10 months ago)
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Please post more of this man. He is not on their youtube page.

by (10 months ago)
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RobRossiFan Avatar

Please post more of Mikhail
Cannot find his videos anywhere

by RobRossiFan (10 months ago)
johntlewis Avatar

My God too hot young muscle definition love his little posing pouch

by johntlewis (10 months ago)