Pumped Bodybuilders Fuck

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  • bikerdad69

    2 years ago

    This is HOT As FUCK. OMG!!

  • fitmuscle

    7 years ago

    I have fucked with Zandro Cruz, living in Brussels now. Good fucker and fister.
    Very nice body to oil!! great guy!

  • Dark Angel

    7 years ago

    Zandro Cruz Jr. formerly from the Philippines. Bodybuilder gay competed in the 90's Slimmers World Bodybuilding contests among others. Last reported now living in the U.K.? Perhaps the white guy in the video is his lover. My guess is as good as yours.

  • myakutaku

    8 years ago

    CAn we please plea for Zandro Cruz the asian guy to do more porn? Like create a group or smth

  • Chereveur1

    9 years ago

    what is the matter guys, muscled boys always love to get fucked by non muscle guys.. wow this videos is hot hot, i love the white boy s cum in the guy s leg wow. non usual to place cum there.

  • jimmy2

    9 years ago

    zandro cruz?

  • kai64

    9 years ago

    this asian guys is so ugly . gosh

  • AJZilla

    10 years ago

    I've seen a video where a German (or austrian) bbuilder called Johan (or something to that effect) gets it on with a blonde twink, who tops him. Now the twink didnt even have a bigger dick (like say Matt Hughes) yet that was the scene. Then in the next scene, a bodybuilder from Hungary (or at least he looks Hungarian) comes by then the German bodybuilder tops him. So maybe the asian guy here just wanted to be topped at that point?

  • Seungmin

    10 years ago

    Ok why the hell is the asian guy NOT the top? He's bigger than the white guy in EVERY aspect. The sucking is so hot but after that it just gets so unnatural, weird, and a huge turn off to see him bottom. UGH, this always seems to be the problem with asian/white porn. Whoever filmed this is blind and screwed the roles up big time.

  • seannx

    10 years ago

    This fuck is not equal should be the big Asian muscleman fucking the white guy
    then it wll be great fuck