Muscle hairy body in the shower

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skalax01 Avatar

The guy is as gorgeous as the video quality.

by skalax01 (1 week ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

I could not quite catch it, but it sounded to me as if he was speaking in Japanese. There is even more to this kid than an amazing arse, cock, butt, face........

by gremlin8 (5 months ago)
a5trid Avatar

Good upload. We will be seeing more of Leo in the next few months.

by a5trid (9 months ago)
compan12 Avatar

To RobRossiFan: you noticed the quality image, thank you.

by compan12 (12 months ago)

Cute guy, hot body, great fur -- needs to visit an orthodontist?

by (12 months ago)
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mjolesko Avatar

Beautiful symmetrical build. Men with thighs that full and shapely ALWAYS have nice asses.

by mjolesko (12 months ago)
muscru Avatar

Leo Lombar from WilliamHiggins

by muscru (12 months ago)
sebastian2283 Avatar

who is this god of the olympus? what is his name? congratulations for the quality of the video!

by sebastian2283 (12 months ago)
RobRossiFan Avatar

sexy man, butt, body and incredible quality of video

by RobRossiFan (12 months ago)

Friggin' gorgeous! More please...!

by (12 months ago)
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