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maszl Avatar

Unfortunately Myles got married :(
I so hoped he was gay... he is one hot guy with the best ass ever!

by maszl (6 years ago)
ChickenK Avatar

MY GOD!!!! Does anyone know what happened to Myles??? And does anyone happen to have any of his other chat archives from AAG??? I would be so grateful if someone would post them...or I would even be willing to pay for them myself. Let me know! :)

by ChickenK (7 years ago)
JimmyM Avatar

Love it when Myles gets up & flexes - beautiful body indeed!!

by JimmyM (8 years ago)
yortamn Avatar

too much talking, not enough flexing. This guy has a beautiful body--wish we could have seen more of it

by yortamn (8 years ago)