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  • pattiboo

    7 months ago

    perfect tits!

  • a5trid

    9 months ago

    Garry and Berry, I lost a lot of zinc over these guys

  • tinkmmv

    2 years ago

    excellent share - strydom makes for tons of musclecum fun

  • zx66662002

    2 years ago

    God I love Gary! He always had such a horny daddy-vibe even when he was pretty young. And the body...damn!

  • Musclejacker

    2 years ago

    Such bulbous womanly tits!

  • Dirty Mind

    2 years ago

    Gary makes my dick rock hard and makes me cum everywhere ...

  • trojanboy

    2 years ago

    Oh fuck. The most perfect jerk off material.